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Be Still & Know That I Am God - The Kempters

As a family, we have enjoyed ministering in music since the fall of 2007.

While Chaz & Danielle, daughter #2, had a bit of a head start, the remaining Kempter children decided to "catch up" and picked up an instrument that summer and the rest is history! Since that time we have had the honor of serving many a Sunday morning parishioner, Homecoming celebrations, and plenty of good ole fashioned Sunday Night Singings - even the Bluegrass and BBQ Festival in Dollywood as well as cross-country trips to beautiful Colorado, South Carolina, Minnesota, Tennesse, Kentucky and throughout New England! All with our own unique style of Vintage Gospel.

We have been blessed by the wonderful folks at Frazer United Methodist Church time and again, serving not only their Senior Adult Ministry (love you Ms Martha John!) but their TV Ministry Team as well (thanks Mr. John Rogers!).

Thanks to everyone for all your support!

We hope you enjoy the "bios" that follow! Thanks for reading about the crew!

All the best,

Teresa Kempter (Momma)


Chaz Kempter

He's our anchor in the stormy sea of life.

Father, husband, guitar player, overflowing fountain of inspiration for the band - all this and so much more. Chaz has a deep love of music, going way back to his first guitar lesson as a young boy - a guitar lesson by a master in Brazil who had little mastery of the English language, but could still communicate in that all powerful language - music! Doesn't it bridge the gap of ordinary language & culture? Or as our Poppa so often comments..."Music is what emotions sound like."


 Nathan Kempter

Nathan, at 24, is our bass player extraordinaire. He plays a left-handed electric bass, but is naturally right-handed. There's a bit of an interesting story behind this fact, but you'll just have to come & see him in person to find out more. His childhood dreams included becoming a Navy Seal or a professional tennis player...nowadays, he's content with being a professional recording engineer and producer, cabinetmaker, sculptor & artist. 



Danielle Kempter

 "Dani", our 21 yr old piano player as well as percussionist...enjoys playing & studying classical music on her very own 7ft Concert Grand Mason & Hamlin Piano (as well as practicing her bluegrass & ragtime moves). Of course, we always refer to Dani as our "go to girl" as you can consider it done if Dani is on the job! She's solid as a rock (aka...dependable) and not a bad cook, either.


JoAnna Kempter

This is our "topsy-turvy Jo" - she comes right out of the pages of "Little Women" - trust me! At 19 yrs old, she happens to be horse crazy as she cares for her growing broods of chickens, banties & ducks, but - did I mention that Jo likes horses? Get a close look at her mandolin strap sometime - it was made by her Poppa and along with a "J" you'll find...guess what?...yup - a horse!


 Chris Kempter

"Christopher McDiddler, the four stringed fiddler, can charm, if you please, the fish from the seas."


That's our Chris! Next to our bitty Charli, Chris - 17 - is the true charmer in the Kempter family. He seems to have a natural gift with his fiddle & folks seem to get a kick out of his solos - make sure to come & listen soon & decide for yourself!

Charli Marie Kempter

Charli holds the prestigious position as the "apple of her Poppa's eye"!
Born on Father's Day 2003 & named after her Poppa - she's the caboose of the Kempter family.
She enjoys sleeping late, soaking in the tub and snuggling with Marmee(Momma). She always makes sure to get her story every night before bed from some lucky member of the family. Right now, she plays the drums - look for them at our next event!